Why do people enjoy Niles Garden Circus? – All In One Guide for Beginners With Ticket Prices

People from all backgrounds flock to the Niles Garden Circus to immerse themselves in a world of awe, excitement, talent and skill. This guide covers everything a beginner needs to know, from show details and ticket pricing to reasons behind the enduring popularity of this magical event.

All About Niles Garden Circus Tickets

The Niles Garden Circus offers guests a variety of ticket options to suit different budgets and preferences. These range from general admission to premium VIP packages. Tickets can be conveniently booked online for a streamlined experience or purchased directly at the venue’s box office.

Ticket Types and Prices:

General Admission: Priced at an affordable $15 per person, our general admission ticket grants access to amazing acts within the main circus tent. Marvel at trapeze artists, laugh with zany clowns, and gasp at the death defying stunts, while seated in the main area.

VIP Experience: For $30 per person, our VIP tickets offer the best seats in the house, located closest to the action for edge-of-your seat views. Enjoy swift entry, a small snack, and take home a unique souvenir. The VIP treatment makes for an unforgettable event.

Family Pack: Perfect for parents seeking a family fun day out, our family pack includes 4 general and 2 children’s tickets for just $60. With a saving of $30, the bundles offer fantastic value and an opportunity to create special memories.

Group Discounts: Planning an outing for your friends, organization or large party? Get in touch with our ticketing office to unlock discounts and arrange reserved seating for groups of 10 people or above. Additional benefits may apply!

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Ticket Purchase Options:

For convenient and secure booking, we recommend utilizing our online ticketing page to select, pay and confirm your circus tickets. Simply choose your preferred date, time, ticket quantity and category before proceeding to our encrypted checkout. Tickets will then be emailed to your provided address. Contact us with any booking queries!

Prefer a more personal touch? Our friendly box office staff located on circus grounds are happy to guide you through the available ticket grades and assist with any special requests before completing your purchase. Cash, cards and gift vouchers accepted!

Ticket Purchase Options:

Why do people enjoy Niles Garden Circus?

Ask young and old alike about their motivations for attending the Niles Garden Circus, and you will be met with infectious enthusiasm and smiles. There are several key reasons that this circus remains a firm family favourite and popular annual event, attracting dedicated followers and newcomers in equal numbers year after year.

Entertainment is at the heart of every circus, and Niles Garden delivers spectacularly with non-stop vibrant performances, music and amusement guaranteed to thrill and captivate even the fussiest audience member. Death defying aerial stunts performed with grace, hilarious clowns poking fun at bemused parents, daring motorcycle tricks inside spherical cages, frozen smiles hiding nerves of steel – every act leaves you craving more.

Speaking of families, the Niles Garden environment offers a safe, relaxed ambience perfect for parents seeking a fun day out with minimal fuss or hassle. Children are free to laugh and gasp to their heart’s content, unwind, refuel on hotdogs and candy floss from vendors and try their skills at side stalls without breaking the bank. The pleasures are simple but plentiful.

Variety is the spice of circus life and the show manages to achieve an artful blend of classic circus theatre with modern twists. Traditions like the flying trapeze, juggling masters and talented dogsplaying dead represent enduring icons mingling effortlessly with cutting edge light installations, glow in the dark costumes and 3D projections mapping …

Show Schedule for Niles Garden Circus

We are pleased to announce the 2024 national tour dates and cities confirmed for the Niles Garden Circus below! Please note schedules are always subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. Kindly reach out to us on (phone) or info@nilesgardencircus.com closer to your chosen event date to verify the latest timings and program details before making your way to the venue. Nationwide venues will be continuously added over the coming months as arrangements are finalized.

March-June 2024 Tour Locations and Show Timings:

Atlanta – 7pm to 10pm, 15/3 to 29/3

Austin – 6pm to 9pm, 25/4 to 11/5 San Jose – 4pm, 7pm and 9pm, 30/5 to 16/6 Miami – 6pm to 10pm, 22/6 to 13/7

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This iconic circus offers non-stop entertainment, talent and skill that leaves audiences of all backgrounds captivated. From the lively music to thrilling stunts, interactive activities and more, the Niles Garden Circus has something for everyone.

Celebrating diversity through its hilarious clowns, awe-inspiring acrobatics, talented animal shows and beyond, Niles Garden Circus delivers an unparalleled event that creates magical memories for the whole family.

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